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At Alix Home Healthcare, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of each participant to ensure that their personal care needs are met. At times, this may entail requesting additional hours of service. Contact our St. Louis, MO, office at (877) 254-9729 to see if you qualify for additional hours. Our specialist will be happy to assist you.



How do I qualify for Consumer Directed Services (CDS)?

     You must be 18 years or older.

     You must have Medicaid.

     You must be able to direct your own care.

     You must have verified eligibility by the Missouri division of health and senior services to enroll. We are happy to assist you with this process. Please feel free to contact us for additional information and assistance.

Do I have to pay?

No. This program is funded by the MO HealthNet. There is never a fee for our service if you are  Medicaid approved and you meet CDS eligibility

Who can become a Care Giver?

Any qualified caregiver selected by the CDS participant, which includes family members with the exception of spouses, can be a Care Giver.

What if I already have CDS and want to switch. How do I switch?

Simply give us a call at (877) 254-9729 and one of our staff members will take care of the transition to Alix Home Healthcare.

Can I provide care for a family member?

Yes, you can get paid to take care of any family member, except for a spouse, as long as the family member lives in the state of Missouri. You will be paid $12 an hour.

If I have a CDS, can Alix Home Healthcare help me acquire more hours?

It is our policy to provide an evaluation of each participant to ensure accurate needs are met. You can contact us to speak with a representative to inquire about additional hours.

Who pays the Care Giver?

Alix Home Healthcare pays the Care Giver with funds from Medicaid.

What is the process to switch?

     Call Alix Home Healthcare.

     Documents need to be signed by you and the caregiver.

     The state of Missouri will contact you to confirm your switch.

Is the consumer responsible for paying the taxes?

No, the consumer’s taxes and payments are managed by Alix Home Healthcare accountants. We work with the department of revenue, IRS, and local tax authorities to ensure all taxes are filed and paid.

How do caregivers record their visit?


     Mobile app.

     Caregiver and consumer can elect to use either (or both) systems. Comprehensive training is provided to caregiver and consumer by Alix Home Healthcare to aid in the understanding and use of these systems.

How much does a Care Giver earn?

Alix Home Healthcare pays $12 hourly. You are a W-2 employee of the patient, and you have taxes on all wages earned. Federal, state, county, city taxes, and other government-mandated taxes are the only deducted taxes from your payroll.

 We know that quality care strongly correlates with compensation. We pay Care Giver a respectable wage, and they provide better care for their patient, thus benefiting the patient, their family, the community, the state of Missouri, and the Care Giver. Alix Home Healthcare believes the CDS program plays a vital role in the health and happiness of many Missouri citizens and is grateful for the opportunity to enable families and friends to care for each other with respect and dignity.

Will I lose any pay during the switching process?

If you are with another agency and switch to Alix Home Healthcare, you will remain on the old agency payroll until you are approved. Then you will immediately be put on our payroll.  


Is $12 Dollars per hour an introductory rate?

No, your rate is $12 per hour and will not decrease.